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Circle K International (CKI) is the largest collegiate service organizations in the world. As a branch of the Kiwanis family, CKI is home to over 12,000 members in over 16 nations around the world, from community colleges and technical schools, to four-year universities, to private institutions. College students from around the world value service, leadership, and fellowship in their organizations to make incredible strides to provide for their communities and around the world. 

To give a bit of an overview, for the past ten years, Kiwanis as an organization partnered with UNICEF to work on eliminating tetanus from countries around the world by raising $110 million to provide life-saving vaccinations. Along with Circle K, Kiwanis has formed other service leadership partners for an inclusive family, including Key Club (high school students), Builder's Club (middle school students), K-Kids (elementary school students), and Aktion Club (adults with disabilities). 

For my senior research thesis, I wanted to explore more about what drives younger adults and children to devote themselves to community service. I've spent 8 years in the Kiwanis family- four with Key Club, and four with CKI, and it's a common occurrence that people are surprised I'd want to give my time and effort to an organization that's main purpose is to volunteer. In a month long conducted research experiment, I looked through membership trends within our organization linked to marketing tactics pushed by Kiwanis International. How did membership spark when new materials were released? How did attendance to events increase when promotional materials were utilized through social media? How does an organization driven by service connect with members via social media. 

While my research was more analytical, I decided to test what a strong rebrand marketed and designed towards current trends in media and brands could do to convince strangers to join a club they've never heard of. Does aesthetic really matter? When I presented my brand guide to people when reviewing my research, I asked "Would you consider joining this organization based on just looking at their brand identity?". It was overwhelming to see the amount of people, adults and students alike, who told me they would. 

The following project was a 6 month fictional rebrand identity for Circle K International. The assets and materials for this brand are in no way connected to Circle K International's official brand guide, nor do I allow the use of this brand to anyone other than myself and Northern Arizona University for my specific research publication. All rights to images used belong to Kiwanis International. 

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